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Gondar University, until 2003 known as the Gondar College of Medical Sciences, is the oldest medical school in Ethiopia. Established as the Public Health College in 1954, it is located in Gondar, the former capital of Ethiopia. The University offers 56 undergraduate and 64 postgraduate. These are organized under the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Business and Economics, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Faculty of Agriculture, and three schools (School of Law, School of Technology and School of Education)


Our team has 8 members, 7 students of health informatics, and 1 instructor at the University of Gondar. MR. Nebyou, our instructor is the reason why we are united as a team to translate Scrum Guideline to Amharic. Mr. Nebyou asked volunteers for the translation during our break and 7 of us were found. There are some reasons why we were eager to see a translated version of the Guideline. Firstly, we wanted the wide use of scrum in our Country as it is important while working in a team. Secondly, to avoid confusion of our nation while using the English Scrum Guideline. 

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